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we are ready for impact

we need to stop thinking small when it comes to big problems

At Lou&You, we believe that everyone has the right to live a self-determined life. People experiencing gender-based violence have far too many hurdles to overcome. Our goal is to help get these hurdles out of the way so more people can find a way to heal, and, if they chose to, report. 

With the number of reports increasing and hopefully, convictions becoming more frequent, we see a real chance that potential offenders can be deterred. The deterrent effect could reduce instances of violence in the long term. But a lot has to happen first. That is why we are focusing on areas where there is a lot of untapped potential: digitisation and technical innovations. That way, we are helping to implement the UN's Sustainable Development Goal #5. 

the safety of victims needs an update for the digital age

To be able to help those affected by violence, safety is key. The age of the internet has created risks and problems that can only be countered by using smart, digital solutions. For example, many people affected by domestic violence have programs installed on their cell phones or computers that allow other people to spy on them without them knowing it. Many simply cannot call or e-mail counsellors because of the risk of discovery. Documentation would be ideal but poses a huge risk. What if they are found out? Unfortunately, these are just some of the issues that urgently need to be addressed. 

Lou takes users through a security check right from the start, telling them how to protect their privacy – both online and offline. That's why there are personal security settings and tools to help keep everybody safe.

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Lou will make blind spots in the data a thing of the past

Systemic problems can only be solved if politicians and society recognise them as such. Many individuals and human rights organisations have pushed for social and legislative change for decades, and they have achieved a lot. But change is still slow and the reliable data they need is limited, especially on the intersection of gender-based violence with other kinds of discrimination, such as racism. Experts know quite a lot about the reality of gender-based violence, but often lack the air-tight evidence of numbers and figures that studies could provide, diminishing the impact their efforts could have on law-making. Equipped with stronger data, human rights organisations can get more of the funding, resources, and support they need to help those affected. Also, mainstream awareness on sexual violence could improve – right now, most people lack the understanding of how serious and severe an issue it really is.

We want you to imagine the impact better data collection could ignite. What if we could mobilise thousands of people to contribute to our research? What if anonymised data could help create new, innovative insights? What if we could provide those insights and reports to researchers, politicians, NGOs and other decision-makers? At Lou&You, we believe that evaluating never-before accessed amounts of data will have a huge impact. You decide if you want to provide your anonymised data and which information to share with Lou. You also have the option to participate in scientific surveys.


Lou supports those who support

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Countless people help those affected every day. Not just their friends and families: they have made helping others their profession, in an advice center, a hotline, a human rights organisation, or a shelter. Lou is not only intended to make it easier for victims to reach the organisations that are right for them, we also want to help make the work easier for organisations. Resources are often scarce and the emotional burden on workers can be high, especially as they do not receive the support from the state that they need. And this is despite the fact that their work is 

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crucial to make a difference for anyone affected by violence and abuse. That is why we are working on digital tools for organisations to help them better reach affected people, save time and resources, and facilitate networking. We look forward to talking with as many organisations as possible to develop concepts together so that Lou&You can implement them in the future. 

You've got an idea, or wonder what else might be possible? Want to know what we are planning, and how you could participate? Get in touch with Nessa