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we’ve got big plans and have our work cut out for us. We want no one who experiences sexual, domestic, or any kind of gendered violence to feel alone in their journey towards healing. If you want to support our work towards this goal, we're thankful for any donations.  
we are recognized as a non-profit in Germany and would be super happy if you'd like to support us with a donation. Whether by bank transfer to our account or via PayPal. We'll gladly send you a donation receipt via post the following February because your donation can actually be deducted from your taxes in Germany! Just put your name and 'Spende' or 'donation' in the reference and send us your address via e-mail to

donate to our bank account

recipient: SIGE e.V.

reference: donation to SIGE e.V. from [name]
bank: Sparkasse Berlin

IBAN: DE58 1005 0000 0191 0505 98

tax number: 27/677/69812
notification: 19.08.2021

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