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about Lou&You

when others say “it’s always been this way”
we say:
“not much longer!”

Our team works day in and day out to ensure that those affected by sexual violence can live their lives with self-determination and that they are shown the respect and solidarity they deserve. We have identified an unused opportunity in digitisation, and we want to seize it. 

After all, digital solutions just suit us – we have grown up with the internet, we know an app for everything, we would rather google than call, and are infamously impatient. Many people experiencing violence can probably relate – and Lou could make a real difference for them. 

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where money is lacking, we have plenty of incredible supporters to thank for making Lou possible anyway

The advantage of tackling a problem as massive as gender-based violence is that there's so many people who know exactly that big change is necessary. This is why not only our team continues to grow, but so does the support of people and organisations that enable us to bring Lou to life. Be it with their time, with their expertise, with donations, contacts or wild ideas: we thank you for your incredible support!

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'impossible' just isn’t good enough

We are neither a typical start-up nor a classic NGO. We are both at the same time and this is why we call ourselves an Impact Start-Up. That means that we work like a start-up (minus the foosball table, because we don’t have an office just yet), but we’re passionate about helping people, not making bank. As a non-profit organisation, we depend on people like you to support us with a donation. We’re never going to ask users to pay for our help, sell any of their data, or run ads on the app. 

Lou&You wouldn't have been possible without the amazing support of countless people and organisations. Foremost among these are Covington & Burling LLP and White & Case LLP, who provide us with pro bono legal support, Hannah Bahl, who conceived our brand strategy, and Wendy Richardson, to whom we owe our visual branding.

the dream is coming true, finally

After more than a year and a half of bootstrapping (which means getting creative and getting Lou off the ground without money), we are finally ready to go. Lou's development is underway, made possible mainly by the support of a foundation, philanthropists, and your donations.

appropriately, Lou will grow up to be independent

Wouldn’t it be great and more in the style of a start-up, not to mention more sustainable, if we didn’t have to rely on donations? Well, we’re not planning on things staying the way they are now. In the current phase, we still need donations to stay up and running. But towards the end of 2022, we are planning to be financially independent, both from donations and public funding. 

How will we do that? By working with governments and organisations that strive to sustainably decrease gender-based violence. 

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Lou has come a long way







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Isabel wonders „why doesn’t this already exist!?” for the first time

Isabel searches and searches online, but can't find anything that would solve the problems she wants to see end. So she and Thomas decide to change things themselves. 

The two, along with eight others, found our association, the Society for Innovation in Gender Equality e.V.

The non-profit status is confirmed, the first donations arrive. Now it finally becomes clear that Lou really might lead to something!

Isabel is recognized by the German government as a so called 'Kultur- und Kreativpilotin'

The first version of Lou sees the light of the day.

Let's find out together which tools & problems Lou will focus on after next summer. We already know where Lou is going though: abroad. Because Lou does not just want to be there for people in Germany.

Lou is now fully developed and can finally start supporting those affected all over Germany.


and what's to come after 2022?