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who is Lou? 

The idea for Lou came out of the crushing experience of trying to find help for someone affected by sexual violence. There are just too many hoops to jump through when trying to find a way to take care of yourself, process what has happened, or even take legal action. 

Lou is there so nobody will have to feel alone anymore

Hi, I'm Lou!

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I am here for you. 24/7 and wherever you go.

I show you personalized help and information, so you don’t have to find it all by yourself. 

You’re in charge: let me know what you’re looking for and what you need right now. 

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You may have experienced violence yourself, or may just want to support someone who has. No matter your questions or worries: I am here to help. Sometimes you just need somebody by your side!

Every situation is different, and I am there to keep you company while we make a plan for what makes sense for you now.  

I'm your 
companion on your journey to healing

You are anonymous and I am completely free of charge. Now and forever. 

I have the answers to your question – or know someone who does

I can give you tailored information and assistance that will help you individually. I can suggest where to go and who to ask in your area, as well as give you tips that can help you both practically and emotionally. Together, we can create your personal To Do list, so you can stay on top of everything even when things get tough. 

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when looking for a solution, you need support
not more problem to solve

you can help change the future -
anonymously and effortlessly

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I provide you with digital tools that can take away some of your worries. For example, you can save evidence and documents like photos, voice recordings or doctor's letters where no one can find them. I help you communicate anonymously with counsellors and resources and show you how to protect yourself online. You might not quite be ready to report and start the legal process and need some time to figure out if that’s the way you’d like to go. My time-stamped journal function can make it easier for you to reliably document memories and store information to prepare for a court case whenever you feel up to it. 

Systemic problems can only be solved if politicians and society recognise them as such. Many individuals and human rights organisations have pushed for social and legislative change for decades, and they have achieved a lot. But change is still slow and the reliable data they need is limited, especially on the intersection of gender-based violence with other kinds of discrimination, such as racism. Experts know quite a lot about the reality of gender-based violence, but often lack the air-tight evidence of numbers and figures that studies could provide, diminishing the impact their efforts could have on law-making. Equipped with stronger data, human rights organisations can get more of the funding, resources, and support they need to help those affected. Also, mainstream awareness on sexual violence could improve – right now, most people lack the understanding of how serious and severe an issue it really is. 

We want you to imagine the impact better data collection could ignite. What if we could mobilise thousands of people to contribute to our research? What if anonymised data could help create new, innovative insights? What if we could provide those insights and reports to researchers, politicians, NGOs and other decision-makers? At Lou&You, we believe that evaluating never-before accessed amounts of data will have a huge impact. You decide if you want to provide your anonymised data and which information to share with Lou. You also have the option to participate in scientific surveys. 

when we say “for everyone”, we mean it

It is important to us to make sure that the work we do at Lou&You is intersectional, inclusive, and sensitive towards discrimination and accessibility. We recognise that to effectively fight against domestic and sexual violence, we must consider the unique ways it can affect people that are additionally disenfranchised and marginalised. We also recognise our responsibility to address issues such as racism, antisemitism, sexism, transphobia and queerphobia, ableism and any other forms of discrimination, to educate ourselves and, above all, to actively integrate intersectional thinking and accessibility into our work. 

Marginalised people of any kind are most often and uniquely subjected to gender-based violence, yet also experience the most challenges trying to access the information, resources and care they need. We will continuously work with experts on how to best address the needs and concerns of the people that need it most. Our ultimate goal is to make Lou into a personal companion and confidant that can complement anyone of any identity and in any situation. We already draw on the valuable experiences of members of our team, our supporters, and experts. So, we look forward to hearing from you! We will always welcome your concerns and criticism and are always open to your perspective and input. 

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Lou will grow & grow with you

Lou will finally come to life in early 2022 and will offer a range of features by late summer. But that is just the beginning. We have big plans: in the future, Lou could increase in functionality, solve an ever-growing variety of problems, and scale to help people in many more countries. If you want to support us and Lou on our journey, you can find info on how to help here: