I'm a digital companion for people affected by gender-based violence. Whatever you are going through, I am here to support you on your journey towards a self-determined life.

Who we are

We are a non-profit start-up from Berlin that brings Lou to life. Lou is the first digital companion for people affected by sexual and domestic violence. Our team, together with more than 80 volunteers, partners, and experts all have the same goal: By next year, Lou will be up and running – and ready to help people affected by gender-based violence and support them every step of the way.
And that’s only the beginning of what’s to come! 

The issue

Domestic and sexual violence is one of the biggest systemic issues of our time and yet, most people still grossly under-estimate it

Support for people affected does exist, but most of the time, it is hugely underfunded. That way, everybody suffers. Victims don’t
get the help they need. And their friends and families, related charities, and society in general are at a loss as well.

At Lou&You, we’re doing our part to effect change where it is needed the most. With the power of technology and a pinch of optimism, we’re creating digital innovations that support both people who encounter violence and those trying to help them. 

This is what Lou is doing

Lou will be there 

For people affected by sexual
or domestic violence, Lou is a personal companion to support them every step of the way
and make them feel understood. Easy, anonymous, and free of charge. 

We support supporters

We believe that the guiding principle for innovation should be social impact, not financial profit. That’s why we are a non-profit, and why we’re working with organisations directly to develop the digital tools they need to offer the best help for people affected by violence.

We want change

Better research will support effective advocacy. Through quantitative studies and data science, we provide those fighting to change the world
with the best facts and figures
to make compelling arguments and to help end gender-based violence for all. 

Better together: You&Lou

We’ve got big plans and have our work cut out for us. We want no one who experiences sexual, domestic, or any kind of gendered violence to feel alone in their journey towards healing. If you want
to support our work towards this goal, we're thankful for any donations. 

these are the 
people helping Lou come alive

We can only solve problems in a sustainable way through teamwork. And Lou is only possible because of many supporters, named as well as anonymous. They're contributing their time, expertise, their ideas and their money, help us and Lou learn and grow - for you. 


Lou&You wouldn't have been possible without the amazing support of countless people and organisations. Foremost among these are Covington & Burling LLP and White & Case LLP, who provide us with pro bono legal support, Hannah Bahl, who conceived our brand strategy, and Wendy Richardson, to whom we owe our visual branding.